Creating Vintage Art from Photos

I created this for a challenge for the Tara Lesher course I’m in. She wanted us to do something vintage and I had taken this photo of my daughter and her corgi about 7 years ago at Thanksgiving that always looked vintage to me. I changed out the modern stove, removed the dishwasher, cabinets, and added Alexas Photos stove on Pixabay, Lynne Anzelc’s Brewed and Cobblestone scrap art elements and several texture layers.

Okay, so I received Wolf Takes the Lead to go through the copyedits. Still working on Lachlan’s story. I only had 4 hours of sleep, my bad. I didn’t go to bed until midnight, and then I woke at 5. But actual sleep was 4 hours. I can never sleep in, but I thought I had done a little better than that!

I’ve been taking the dogs for a walk each morning, separately. Tanner tugs too much, and they both go crazy when they see a small dog they want to meet and greet. They love them. So I started taking two walks before it gets too hot. I had bought a chest collar, rather than a neck collar and because they have such delicate necks, I started using it on them. It holds them back via their chest instead of choking them. They choke themselves, especially Tanner, trying to rush off here and there. Max is much more chill.

All right, back to the real world. Got to turn in Wolf Takes a Lead by July 6. I’ll be taking care of my daughter’s corgis for about a week also. Hmmm, 4 doggy walking trips in the morning? Pass. Rilo is a massive corgi and he pulls just as badly, only he’d pull me over. Luna is taller, part corgi, not sure about her. She might be all right.

Have a great day!


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