Polar Bear Art Fun to Cool Off

It was 106 heat index. I needed to play with something nice and cool 🙂

My daughter is at a conference, so I’m helping out with my granddaughter. My SIL called to say baby has a fever and bad congestion, so I told him I’d keep my granddaughter 2 more nights instead of 1 more night. We were playing chicken foot dominoes last night, then bath time and story time and bedtime.

We took both dogs for a walk in the morning, spent a couple of hours at the pool, had a great time!

She’ll go to school today and I’ll be able to work some more on edits on Wolf Takes the Lead. I’m at chapter 20. Ten more to go so hope to make a big dent in it until I pick her up from school and she stays overnight again.

Hope you all have a grand day!! I’m getting stuff done, but having fun too!


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