Copycat Art Challenge

In the original artist’s version, she showed only one page of the book with a little bit of text, a child’s scene, and a girl sitting on the edge of the book. Copycat challenges are to use a similar layout, colors, something that makes you believe you’ve copied some aspect of it.

Mine is more of historical romance and instead of a person, I had the two deer on the outside of the book. I thought the two men looked like they were the same person, maybe different clothes on another day. I thought the girl looked different. lol Which made me think the guy was playing the field.

All right, I got through edits yesterday on the Highland wolf story, and today, I’m trying to finish it up all the rest of the way before I pick up my granddaughter at preschool. If I finish the book today, I want to get the synopsis done before I dive into the next deadline book and forget what this one was all about. lol

Hope you all have a great day!!


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