The Fae’s Pendant is Missing

You didn’t happen to see it, did you?

It rained yesterday, lots!!! Woohoo!!! We kept getting forecasts for scattered or isolated thunderstorms and the percentage would get lower and lower and go away. So I was thrilled we finally got some. We’ve had the thunder and wind, just no rain. We so needed this! Our electricity went off, then came back on, Internet out for a while. That was way before we had any storms. Every time that happens, I worry we’re having another statewide power outage. This time because of the heat.

Also, I managed to get 2,000 words on the story after all for each of the last 2 days. And Nichole of Rainy Day Artwork finished the ebook cover for Deadly Fortunes, so it should be available with the updated cover soon.

Here’s the audio book version cover.

Okay, extra dogs are getting picked up today and then we’re back to my routine of picking up my granddaughter from preschool in the afternoons. And I need to get after my word count.

Have a terrific day!!!


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