Monsters Will Be Monsters!

Well, two more wild days of car issues and me driving kids back and forth and helping to pick up cars and/or driving drivers back home. I have to pick up the kids this morning, and yesterday, my granddaughter told me she would stay in the car while I dropped off her baby brother at day care. Uhm, nope. But she was afraid they would “take” her and she couldn’t go home with Grandma. *smile*

We did 2 hours at the pool, she’s doing better at swimming, and we even had a special treat of ice cream, that was all over her face and her clothes and hands by the time she was through–she had a chocolate pop ice cream. She managed to eat half before the other half fell in her hand, then was dripping all over. It was extremely hot out while we sat in the shade and I explained to her why Grandma always gets a cup of ice cream. Much neater that way! lol But I told her the other way is wild and fun too. I didn’t have wet wipes but I always bring cold water with us anywhere we go, and I had tissues to try and mop up the chocolate kid.

Have a great day and don’t let the monsters get you down!


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