Highland Wolf…or Highland Terrier?

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Okay, so I managed to pull two 40-lb bags of weeds out front last night in the 99-degree weather. It was thundering, like usual. And like usual, no rain. We have only 2 more swim days this week and then no more until next year. So my granddaughter and I will go there today. Next week, no more excuses for not doing the weeding first thing in the morning before I get to my writing!

Oh, sure, I’ll probably still come up with excuses, but… I’m hoping to get all that done next week out front anyway. If I don’t do it first thing, it’s way too hot.

I am up to 2,000 words on Roxie’s book–78K to go.

Hope you all have a great day!


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2 thoughts on “Highland Wolf…or Highland Terrier?

  1. I love the Highland terrier. Reminds me of Smudge MacRuff.
    We finally got some rain here in Brazoria county. We desperately need it. There are big cracks in the ground in the backyard.

    Yay for getting the words down!

    I just finished teaching a month long workshop and had an article accepted for publication. I’m currently worldbuilding for a YA Gaslamp Romance.

    • Oh wonderful, Tambra, on the rain. Yes! He reminds me of Smudge too. Supposedly, we’re supposed to have it all day on and off. I will believe it when I see it.
      Thanks, on the words. A friend and I were brainstorming, so today I’ve got to get to it again. Super on teaching a workshop. I used to teach a bunch of online writing workshops, but now I’m just writing books. Great on the article! I’ve never heard of a gaslamp romance. Sounds like Steampunk. 🙂

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