No Jaguar, But the Wolves are Coming!

I’m up to 56K, which means 24K left, it’s great!!! I’ll probably be a much higher word count than that, which is great for when they begin editing it, but woohoo. It’s amazing how I start out with a few words and end up this far along. I start thinking of the story in the middle of the night, especially when I get nearer to the end. What kind of twists can I throw in? What will make the reader pause and love it?

There’s nothing worse than reading a story that goes from A to B and there are no twists at the end. I know what’s going to happen. No, no, we don’t want to do that to readers. Make it…something unexpected. And so much more fun.

Okay, I’m off to do more yard work before I write. I have one more flowerbed that needs a lot of work. Yesterday, because it was so cool, I was cutting down pine trees and yaupon holly tree branches and pulling up more weeds. The pine trees were volunteers, but there were getting to be a mass of them. I finally figured I needed to thin them out. I still have the three, probably 75 year old ones, and 3 young ones that are about 12 feet high already. They grow really fast. I wanted the young ones to replace the old ones if they die on me. I’ve had one die in the backyard, and one that looked dead after that horrible freeze we had a couple of years ago in the front yard. It lost all its pine needles, and usually that’s the end of them, but then it came back. But I’m just concerned I might lose them and so the new ones will hopefully replace them some day.

Okay, no more dilly-dallying. Time to get to work!

Have a super delightful day!


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