Cougar Cub

They’re so cute when they’re little, but I recommend not keeping one because they get big and hungrier.

Well, we had some excitement in the neighborhood. All day, guys hauled out someone’s household stuff across the street and piled it up in the driveway. It looked like even kitchen cabinets. I figured if it was a hoarder’s house, they would have put a big container out there and fill it up, not just dump it on the driveway. That had happened when I lived in Crawford and the original owner had died, and his son inherited it. He and his girlfriend were hoarders. When they wouldn’t pay on the taxes or the house, the bank took it over, and they put two containers out there to gut the house. It was a mess. But at least we had acreage out there.

So I asked a neighbor, all of us wondering what is going on. The guy lived their for 3 years without paying on his mortgage. The bank foreclosed on him but he wouldn’t answer the door to be served the eviction notice. They finally went to the back door and served him.

The house was full of cats, no working air conditioning, and today it was 106 degrees heat index, so the guys going inside had to wear masks the smell was so bad.

So that was my exciting day, beyond having lunch with my granddaughter.

Have a wonderful day!


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