Today is Use Your Common Sense Day

When I’m talking to my granddaughter, I’ll say something, and I’ll think, oh, she doesn’t know that word or subject yet. My dad would always say, “I was born knowing that.” lol

But in truth, we can live most of our life without knowing something, and then learn about it and think, wow, I never knew that. In that case, common sense has only to do about knowledge. If you know that touching the hot stove top will burn, then common sense dictates to not touch the hot stove top.

Do you ever ignore good common sense though and get in trouble for it? Like being out in the sun too long and feel the burn coming on, but still staying out in it because the ocean view, breezes, water, is way too fun to enjoy?

So today is use your common sense. After today, you have the rest of the year to just be you.

I think I finished Warrior Elf, but common sense tells me to let it sit for a few days, work on something else, and then reread it to make sure!

Have a wonderfully fun day!


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