Colorful Unicorn

It was such a hectic day yesterday and I had my granddaughter for a sleepover, so I only managed nearly to 33K. Still trying to get there. She’s still here and we’re going to ballet and then Christmas shopping with her mom, so lots more fun before I settle down to write. She wanted to create a colorful unicorn in MidJourney and here is her creation. 🙂 Next is a colorful tiger, butterfly, bat, the list goes on.

The temperature dropped drastically last night. I went to take the dogs out at 5 p.m. and it was down to 43. From 83, that was a drop. Brrr. But it’s fun to wear some of my warmer clothes for a change!

So I’m off to catch up on a few things before little one wants me to do something with her. She’s drawing and watching a show for a while.

Have a super fun day!


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