It’s Cold Out There!

Okay, so you know you’re doing too much writing when you can’t find something in your house and you want desperately to use a SEARCH and FIND feature to locate it.

So the temperature dropped and we lost electricity for a short while. ugh. I was trying to turn on my lanterns, but I remove batteries so they don’t corrode when I’m not using them. Put in brand new batteries, most of them weren’t working. Electricity is back on, but even my phone wouldn’t work. After another twenty minutes, it was finally working.

Kids’ electric was out also. But it knocked out their heater. At least it’s still 59 in the house. I offered for them to come here and warm up. Thankfully, we’re only a half mile from each other.They have a repairman coming to fix it. Just hope it doesn’t happen over Christmas. One year at Christmastime, we had a frozen water pipe break, flooding the house and it was just me with a 5 year old and toddler! No plumbers were on call and I couldn’t shut off the water. The turn off valve was frozen. I finally got a hold of some friends and he shut off the water while his wife and I cleaned up the flood. But then we had no water! That was a Christmas to remember.

Hope the electric stays on. Dripping water and making bags of freezer ice.

Have a wonderful day and stay safe!


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2 thoughts on “It’s Cold Out There!

  1. Hope you’re stayig warm. its a bit 1 degree here. We didn’t lose power but the roads are bad even though they salted them it didn’t seem towork. im about to curl up and read. Take care stay safe and stay warm

    • Stay home, Amy and enjoy!! Brrr on being 1 degree! It says it feels like 7 degrees out. I had to take the dogs out and my eyes felt like I had glass in them. I guess that’s why! Be safe!

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