aWfuL NiGhT

I feel off-kilter!

Between me being sick–sore throat, coughing, stuffy nose and not able to sleep, I’d finally manage and Max started throwing up before midnight. I was so tired, I started thinking about the elementary school when I went to get my granddaughter and they said 5 kids had been throwing up at school and had to go home early. One of the dads was there picking up both of his kids, one of whom had been sick. Even the cold medicines in the grocery store are sold out.

Then Max was whimpering and I just wanted to sleep so badly. I finally got up to take him out and cleaned up the mess he’d made. He returns to bed and at 4:30, it’s a repeat of all above, throwing up, whimpering, going out, me cleaning up, him coming back in to go to bed. At 5:45, he’s back at it. Then my SIL arrives with the kids at 7 and I’m still in bed. I had finally managed to fall asleep. I never sleep that late.

I can’t wait to fix lunch, put little one down for a nap and take one myself. Don’t ask me any questions. My brain is fried. Working on the story? Not happening.

I’m about to sit down and read some stories to the baby and I’m trying to teach him his colors. We’re watching Baby Shark and some of the baby rhymes. Hopefully I’ll make it to when I have to pick up big sister from Kindergarten.

Have a beautiful day!


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