Thundering and Pouring Rain Out

Which means I can’t get my dogs out this morning to relieve themselves. ugh. I even went out with them. NO WAY. They came out, saw the weather, and ran right back inside the house. In a little bit, I’ll put their collars and leashes on and my raincoat on and stand in the rain until they do their business! Well, I fed them their breakfast and they finally went out with me despite all the scary thunder.

Getting wet is really wearing

So I reached 65K, woohoo, up to revising on chapter 17 on Bear in Mind, so getting closer to the end. I also sewed up legs, arms, and bodies for the 2 bears I need to make for the twins. I still need to finish the author interview. Off to work in the storm. I love stormy days.

Have a fun day!


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