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If you love shifters, billionaires who are very down to earth, and a heroine who knows her own strength, add in a romance that will have you fanning yourself and some intrigue to spice it up then WOLF TAKES THE LEAD is a perfect read.

Wolf Takes the Lead
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Annetta Sweetko
Posted February 8, 2023

Romance Billionaire | Romance Paranormal | Romance Fantasy




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Thanks so much, Annetta!

Well, it’s not going to rain all day like they said. I should be able to pick up my bark mulch and tiny pebbles this morning as soon as they are open for curbside service. I have only done this once and it really was great since I have trouble lifting the bags of rocks. Getting someone to do it for you is pretty hard to do. They certainly don’t offer, even if they’re standing around doing nothing. I need to put the pebbles underneath the pavers that frame my flowerbeds as they sink under the earth when I add mulches and flowers.

So I was working really hard on my taxes last night, and I DON’T know what happened, but somehow I zeroed out my expenses last night. Thankfully, I had saved at an earlier point, but not late enough. I had worked hours on it. ugh. I couldn’t do the undo typing. It was just grayed out. So without kid interruptions today, though I will have lunch with my granddaughter at school and pick her up after school, I am going to try and redo that.

I’m nearly finished Bear in Mind. I did some edits last night and I still want something more at the end. Not much, but just a final comment or two. And then I can start reading all the way through. Or maybe I’ll start reading from the beginning anyway and when I reach the end, I’ll know what I need to say. Sometimes it works like that.

I need to feed the ravenous dogs and birds and get back to the dreaded taxes. Have a fun, fun day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”
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