Girl in Ancient Setting

After I worked on this picture, I now have to really get to work. Off to proof Her Wolf for the Holidays one last time and then turn it in. If I have time this weekend, I’ll begin to work on final proofing of Bear in Mind. I managed to get 3,000 words on Bite of the Vampire yesterday. I have to take a break before I begin reading a book I’ve just read all the way through and edited. So that was my day break from Her Wolf for the Holidays. I’m at 30K on Bite of the Vampire! Yay! So about 20K to go, or longer. It’s a YA and they’re usually shorter than my adult fiction.

Still feeling rotten. I thought the antibiotics would really make me feel a 100% quicker, but I have only taken them for 3 days. I just don’t have time for waiting to get better. lol I want to be over this now. It’s my shifters’ fault. They get better half the time it takes for humans to recover from wounds and sickness. So I feel I should too!

Hope you all have a great day! I’m off to get busy.


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