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I’m playing with Mixer Paints in Photoshop again. This is an unfinished painting, but it’s getting there. They take forever to do. I just play with it when I have the chance. Though I remind myself, I have a ton of other things I need to get done. But I’m also playing with a composite that’s been a lot of fun. I took baby to the grocery store yesterday to get more cough syrup and another chicken. It just appeals. I ended up picking up DM that has mucous thinning ingredients and that sure helped. My other cough syrup doesn’t.

Managed to get to 33K on Bite of the Vampire.

Getting ready for him to be dropped off. He was Miles the Menace yesterday, doing everything I told him not to do. But he’s also an angel and we have a lot of fun. He definitely is nearly a two-year-old. He got into the dog treats, and from a 2 year old mind, he just wants to make the dogs happy. Grandma’s mind? Ack, he will feed the whole container to them and they’ll be sick!

So then I was in the middle of something important and he pulled down the whole container. It’s not light. And the rubber top isn’t that easy to remove. But there he is in the middle of all the dog biscuits on the floor, one in hand, kind of looking surprised at what he had done while he was sitting next to the pile of biscuits. argh. I should have taken a picture! Caught, in the act. Then I took him outside to chalk draw on the patio. Or the fence. Not the house. He got the house 3 times. With no voice, it’s really hard for me to get his attention.

I wonder what we can get into today?

Have a super fun day!


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