Redheaded Woodpecker and the Dragonfly

I was playing around with a couple of my photos and changed out the backdrop. I love this woodpecker, but I rarely see it, so I got lucky. I love dragonflies, heroes of the garden.

So I’m still sick. I had to send in a bunch of artwork for a project so did that all day yesterday. I was supposed to go with the kids and grandkids to Austin and the Ren Faire and to a haunted cave the next day, but I still have the worst sore throat and constant cough all day and night long. I really wanted to go too. Wish I’d get over this.

I’ll spend the weekend trying to catch up on word count on Highland Wolf and proof Bear in Mind and update Demon Hunter and read over another book to add a Mardi Gras reference, and….I don’t think I can manage all that in one weekend. lol And try to get more rest.

But I’m about to upload Demon Hunter so that will be one thing off my plate.

Hope you all have a wonderful day!!! I’m off to gargle saltwater. They say it works! We’ll see.


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