The Sea Siren

I mixer painter brushed the model and background and added the lower part of her dress and created the crown.

I finally feel better! No sore throat. Still have a loss of voice and still getting over this, but man, no sore throat. Now if it will only stay away! The last time it went away, it came back after only a 2-day reprieve even worse and for longer. So fingers crossed.

Just have baby today, so hope to put him down for a nap this afternoon and plant the daffodils finally. And my daughter gave me some lilies for Mother’s Day a little early so I can put them in the ground too.

It’s warmer today–57 instead of 36 first thing, so I think we’ll be walking to the school to pick up sister this afternoon also. Yay!

Okay, got to get going. I managed another 1000 on Highland Wolf, so am at 18K with 62K to go. That feels more doable!

Oh, before I forget, got a lovely review from Library Journal for the upcoming book: Wolf on the Wild Side! I’m over the moon! Howling! Yay!

Okay, got to run! Have a fantastic day!!!


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