Road Runner

I took the photo of the road runner at the Dallas Zoo. I don’t know what there is about road runners, but I just love them. I had one when I lived in Crawford, Texas that would peer in the windows at me when I was typing at my computer on my stories. They’re such huge birds, they remind me of something prehistoric. They also mate for life. We had a pair that would hop our split rail fence in Oklahoma. I loved seeing them.

Okay, so I got more work done on weeding, and working on shoring up my stones with gravel. I’m about halfway around the one flowerbed.

I had to brainstorm with my brainstorming partner because I’ve been writing some really fun scenes, but I still needed something mysterious, dead body, to tie them together. lol Anyway, we came up with an idea, so I’m off to get more done on that.

I walked for the first time to the school in a long time since being sick. Of course it had to get really hot. It will be hotter tomorrow, but Friday we have thunderstorms, so I might be driving.

Okay, off to work. I did manage to reach 21K yesterday!

Have a super, curiously fun day!


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