Little Red Goat

We were supposed to have rain all day today and through Saturday, but now it’s not coming until 11, so I’m going to get some groceries before it comes, if it comes!

I took the photo of the original goat in Central Texas on a farm.

Have a fun-filled day!


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2 thoughts on “Little Red Goat

  1. I love your art and your books have been getting me through this weekend. Our town was hit by an F3 tornado Friday night. Im one of hte lucky oneswith no damage but. there are many not that lucky. THanks for helping to keep my spirits up. Hopefully you dont get too bad of storms.

    • Oh, wow, Amy. Big hugs. That’s sooooo scary. We’ve had a lot of strong winds and lots of trees have split off branches or the small trees have broken in half and that’s not even with a tornado. Stay safe!!!! And thanks for loving my art and books!!!! Terry

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