Pegasus Origami

These were on display at the arboretum in Minnesota. Really beautiful. I wanted to give them life.

My granddaughter ended up having a fever and other than helping me wrap her brother’s birthday presents and take a walk and read his new books the night before when she was feeling well, then setting up her fairy garden, she was just not feeling well. So no Easter egg decorations. She did read a couple of books to me and we watched the Jurassic World kid’s show. Hopefully she won’t have a fever today.

We had 2″ of rain on Thursday, haven’t been able to see how much for yesterday yet, still dark out.

Okay, well, I managed to get 62K, can’t believe I made word count while she was here. I only have 18K more words until word count. I have both kids on Monday, so no word count that day. And my artwork is being featured in another magazine, so I need to get some new photos artified for that.

Off to work! Have a beautiful day!


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