Bumblebee on Zinnia

I love it when my busy little critters hold still so I can take a good shot of them!

Little one is on his way. I need to get this done, and some other things done before he arrives! I added 2,000 words to Bite of the Vampire yesterday (42K so far)–a YA. My daughter had a couple of cute ideas for the third story that is at 14000 words (Night of the Vampire). My son sent me some ideas on the scuba diving part of Highland Wolf. He and Inge have had 100 dives, so he’s my expert on that. And my beta readers are reading Highland Wolf so I can make any changes and send it in.

I want to come up with an idea for a wolf Halloween novella and I need to re-read some of my white wolf stories so I can proceed on the next story for their pack.

So lots of fun coming up!

Have a super fun day!


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