Black Cat Hiding

The cat is waiting for the birds. He’s a neighbor’s cat, beautiful. He was in my backyard this morning in the dark. If he would catch the rats, I’d be happy, but I think he was waiting for the birds. My dogs chased him off. It was so dark, I couldn’t tell what they were after, then I saw the big black form leap onto the top of the fence. Whew! Glad he made his getaway.

I meant to post this yesterday, but with both grandkids here, it was impossible to get anything done. Not to mention this cold is really a hassle. My grandson, 2, was terrified of the pool, soooooo next week we’ll be going to the other swimming pool. It has a large shallow end. Maybe he’ll be more comfortable with that. It was closed yesterday so we weren’t able to go over there to try it out.

My granddaughter was disappointed that she couldn’t swim for the 2 hours like we normally do. She just loves the water now, though when she was his age, she was just like him. Me? I was a water baby, so I don’t know how to help him not fear the water.

Okay, I’m off to get ready for my granddaughter’s arrival. My grandson will be at daycare and we’ll have our 2 hour pool time. But I also have to get my writing in today. I’ve been working with my granddaughter on science projects. She had three books to work from at school, but it looks like they didn’t get to any of them, so we’re having fun with it. And reading too. Our goal is reading the 25 books required for school to make some honors board. But we’ll probably do more than that over the summer.

Hope you all have a super grand day!


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