Bluebird in My Backyard

I love bluebirds. This one is a juvenile.

Well, I have both kids today. That can be a fun challenge because they’re fighting over seats, papers to color, food to eat, shows to watch. They’re having popsicle day at the clubhouse, so we’ll drop by there for that after 11. We’re going to try the pool also with my grandson at 9. At 2 years old, you’d think he’d like the water, but he was terrified of it last time. It’s a different pool. Shallow end so he can just sit out or whatever. Then my granddaughter can go where it’s not as deep and she’ll be safe still if I’m staying with him. So we’ll see today. Then it’s Girl Scouts and I have to drop him off with daddy and take her to GS. It will be a hectic day as usual. I did manage 1,000 words last night. Need 2,000. *sigh*

I loved Puss N Boots! It even had a fun romance. Woohoo!

On Friday, my daughter and granddaughter and I are watching the Little Mermaid at the theater, so I’m looking forward to that.

Have a fun day! Kids will be here any second.


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