Making Tracks

I actually got caught up on my story on holiday, but I’ll be getting behind again once I have the kids here all week. We have fun though and making memories is so important! I cherish them.

We had 112 heat index this past week and it was way too hot, more than what they ever have here. That’s more for Central Texas when we had unusual scorchers. So I came home to dry birdbaths and an empty fountain. They’re all filled with water, bird feeders are full, and the birds are very happy. I need to pick up the dogs in a little bit. They will need baths first thing and they’ll be matted messes. They won’t groom them unless they shave them off, but the dogs need their hair to insulate them from the heat. They don’t have fur like shedding dogs do. I comb them daily and since they won’t, that is why they will be a mess when I pick them up.

The tomato plants are all thriving, though I found a cutworm on one.

And I’m going to try and get my word count in also!

We had a blast from stormy nights, to white sand beaches and aqua waters, just beautiful. And the temps on the beach were much better than coming home to the heat in Texas right now!

Hope your day is mighty fine!


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