Forget the Prince!

She loves the frog!

Another hectic day! Off to the grocery store with both kids to get things I missed yesterday. We were in a rush to drop Tanner off at home after he had his shots and get to the movie. But we finished the reading program for the school, though we’ll continue to read a book daily. We finished two badges for Daisy GS, but need to finish one more book for the reading summer badge. We’re donating some more books to the library today and hopefully they have some prizes left for the summer reading program there. I didn’t learn about it until last week, but she’d already read 30 books this summer, so she met the 10 book requirement. Plus HEB grocery store has a summer reading program so she earned a book that should be coming in the mail any day now.

They’re back! So off we go on our wild adventures.

I did manage to work on 4 chapters in Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply. It’s being re-released next year so need to proof it. Up to chapter 5 and hope to get to 10 by bedtime.

Have a royal day!


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