Girl, One with Nature

We had so much fun at the beach!

I turned in Roxie’s Wolff story yesterday, and today, when I have time, I’ll try to work some more on Slade’s white wolf story. I was so tired yesterday, that I tried, but couldn’t get into it. With two grandkids to take care of, I just couldn’t get my mind wrapped around white wolf when they left.

I just have my granddaughter today, so maybe I can get some more of it done. I always write a story that comes full circle. I love doing that. It makes it feel just write. I can’t think of how to do that on this one.

Okay, off to get ready for my granddaughter’s arrival, feed the dogs, the birds, etc. My daughter was amazed at how many birds I have out in the backyard. They have found it a haven once my shrubs and trees grew up out there to make it feel safe. I used to have to throw the leftover food out from them not eating it and it would get moldy and such. Now they eat every drop every day. lol We still are having this horrible heat wave–101 today, but make that 111 with the humidity index.

Have a wonderful day!


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