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Bushy-tailed squirrel in the backyard.

Off to write! I didn’t quite get my 2,000 words done yesterday. I was reuploading Loving the White Bear and Claiming the White Bear with new buy links and covers, and You Had Me at Cougar after trying to get my Vellum to work and still trying to figure out Itunes Connect. My 12-year-old Mac wasn’t updating and it was crashing, so had to get a new one, and that means lots of redoing. Unfortunately, that means ALL the 87 indie titles I have on Vellum will have to be reuploaded individually into Vellum. It took me 3 days to redo the More from the Author buy links for the over 100 books I have in total. So it’s been a major job.

I made a new cover for His Wild Highland Lass so eventually I’ll reread the novella and then reupload it too. But I want to concentrate on getting Bear of a Halloween done first, or at least further along. It’s at 30K now.

Weeded again yesterday. The humidity was up to 87% at 6:30 so it was really hot. Don’t feel like doing it today–though I do it periodically in the backyard every time I take the dogs out, so probably just work on the story first thing and hopefully get a little further with it today.

Hope your day is splendid!!


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