The Zebra Foal

I took the picture of the zebra at the zoo in Fort Worth. So pretty.

So today, instead of weeding, I’ll be pulling up dead shrubs. Three of my 6-foot tall sky pencil boxwood have bitten the dust. That makes a total of six this summer. And a lemon shrub, can’t remember what it was, but if you brushed it with your fingers, it smelled like lemon and it was so pretty, died. I have two slow growing boxwood that are four feet in height that look like they’re about on the way out. I hate losing my plants. They’re 8 years old. I planted them when I first moved here. Same with the sky pencil boxwood.

This heat and no rain has just been awful. That’s my job first thing this morning is pulling the dead plants once the sun is up. it’s supposed to be 108 today, so add 10 degrees for the humidity and that’s what we’re feeling. At 6 this morning, even in the dark, no sun, it feels like 91 degrees with 87% humidity. If it was dry out, it would feel so much better. But the one day it was only at 50%, then we had fire warnings. ugh.

I managed to write 4,000 yesterday on Bear of a Halloween. I’m at 37K, maybe will make 40K today, but working toward my 2,000 word goal.

Hope you have a lovely day!


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