More Like a Centaur

I had created this in DAZ3D and then added a tail and hair because a lot of times, the hair and tails on DAZ3D don’t look that great in rendering. At least on my computer!

I’m off to a a couple of appointments. Have to take Tanner in for blood work for a teeth cleaning next week and probably the poor dog will have to have another tooth pulled. I’ve never had a dog that has such bad teeth. His half brother is fine.

Pulled another tomato plant out and two more sky pencil boxwood out of the ground. The ground I pulled them from is dry as the desert. This unrelenting heat and no rain is unreal. If I hadn’t been watering the rest, I wouldn’t have any living plants at all. Well, the weeds would survive, I’m sure.

I managed to revise all of His Wild Highland Lass last night and get a 1,000 words on Bear of a Halloween. I had my grandson yesterday, so that meant grocery shopping and taking him for a walk to the mailbox, trying to get it done before it was too hot. But it was already hot when he was dropped off early. So I was glad to still get a lot done on my writing!

So today, I need to get 2,000 on Bear of a Halloween, and start proofing His Wild Highland Lass.

Off to get ready to go. Have a swimmingly great day!


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