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Giant Tiger Swallowtail!

huge-yellow-and-black-swallotail-on-pentas-149tiger-swallowtail-in-flight-900tiger-swallowtail-black-swallowtail-and-orange-fritillary-900-pinhole-blurGiant Tiger Swallowtail, male, isn’t it beautiful? Now if I hadn’t been using manual and set it to catch the faster speeds, these would have all been blurs. I blurred the shrubs to show off the 3 butterflies in the other shot. That’s a Tiger Swallowtail, Fruit Fritillary, and Black Swallowtail. Two of them were so blended with the “busy shrubs”, it was hard to see them. But it looks like a fairy garden right now! I keep seeing a large yellow one also, but it doesn’t land at all to get a shot. the orange ones don’t flap as much, but the swallowtails’ wings flap like crazy.

Tomorrow is the big release day, so if you haven’t picked it up yet, A Very Jaguar Christmas will be out tomorrow! 🙂

Have a super great day! Back to Double Cougar Trouble. My son will be getting in tonight. Washed all the puppy beds yesterday, and still need to wash all of them and go grocery shopping! The cupboards…and fridge…are bare!

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