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Time Sure Flies

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So the rising cases of COVID-19…well, are rising. We figured a couple of weeks after Labor Day they would go up. The problem is that we have never gotten this under control. And so many are like done with it–done with the social distancing, wearing masks, now eating out, socializing, throwing parties. With nearly 200,000 deaths, when is this… acceptable? Non-existent? Just another case of the flu?

Tell that to those who are suffering from the effects long-term, or to those who have lost family members to it.

Okay, off my soapbox. I swear I’m not going to read the darn news. What I don’t know won’t kill me. Right?

We’re having rain and more rain, love it as long as we don’t have flooding from Tropical Storm Beta. But it’s cooled it down and I just love it.

I’m working on Cougar Halloween Trouble, and had disappointing news that Wolff Bros 2 won’t be coming out until January of 2022 now. But the good news is that I can write some more indie books to fill the void for next year. Right now, I’m working on cougar Halloween and then plan to write a full length cougar novel and a jaguar novella. I’ll have the Halloween novella done soon. The novel will probably be out in December. Jaguar? Maybe I’ll write that one right after Halloween cougar. I have started it, and I have a cover.

Have a great day and be safe! I’ve got to get to writing.


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