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Hunting for the Eggs

It’s almost here! The Easter Egg Hunt.

We can’t really put out chocolate because here it will melt. We can’t put out other kinds of candy in plastic eggs unless they’re wrapped in packages because the ants get into them. Our heat index yesterday was 94 degrees. We were hot, hot, hot, when we got home from our walk to pick up my granddaughter from school yesterday. It’s the same scenario today. But the rest of the week it will be a little cooler and stormy. Except for Sunday, and it should be fine for the hunt.

One year we had snow and ice for Easter. Yep, Texas. That was in Central Texas, but still, snow???

My granddaughter and I will be decorating eggs on Friday since she’ll be here the whole day.

So yesterday, I took my grandson to the post office to ship some more books by nine. Man, media mail cost is out of this world. It was $7.10 to send each book! It used to be $3.30. Anyway, when I got my grandson in the car, he was yawning. No, no, no! We need to go get the car safety inspection sticker so I can renew my car registration. Do NOT Fall Asleep!

He’s supposed to have his diaper changed, eat lunch, or vice versa, and shoes off, rock in the rocking chair, then off to slumber land. But he fell asleep in my arms at the inspection station. No, no, no! I need the time to write when he sleeps. So I drove home and thankfully, he just slept on his mat, and didn’t wake. I had lunch, then changed his diaper when he woke, fed him lunch, and managed by the end of the day to get 2,000 words, yay!

Today, we are on the hunt for some toddler Easter hunt stuff, and we’ll have a more normal routine. Come home, lunch, diaper change, down for a nap, then snack, and we’re off in the horrid heat to pick up his sister. I hope to get a 1,000 today, 2,000 if I can manage. It only happens if I can think up more scenes to write. Only 26K to go though. It’s getting done!

Hope your day is fun-filled!


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