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Amateur Photography

I was reading tons of pages from fantastic photographers around the world who were sharing tips on photography. If I wasn’t writing so much, or  making bears, or obedience training puppies, or etc, etc, etc, I would be really learning how to take pictures well. But when I start to read blog posts like that, I feel guilty because I know I’m not getting my word count or other business done.

But I do want to learn.

Yesterday, I took an interesting couple of pictures of Lake Waco.  As you can see, I captured the sign in one shot and the lake in my side view mirror also, which I thought was really cool. I wasn’t sure if it would, but it’s cool that I did.

Lake Waco

Lake Waco

I was reading about “framing” the shot with obstacles or in some other manner and I thought this was a really unique way to frame the shot. I was driving. I don’t normally do things like this when I’m driving. There’s no place to get a shot of the lake like this that’s from up above it unless you have a home on the hill near there.

Lake Waco

Lake Waco

By this time, I was nearly beyond being able to view the lake, but got one more shot.

The other thing I was reading about, and have read about several times, but don’t think about it when I’m taking a shot, but will now try to think about it when I do, is breaking up the view into thirds and not centering the shot. Well, I didn’t have control over these shots, and they ended up being in the right frame to make them more interesting, so it worked!

Same thing about cropping. I often will have a lot more of a picture than just the object of my fascination. I need to make sure I keep the original version, and make a copy I crop from so I can see what a difference it will make to include or not include more of the picture. Yesterday, before I read the article, I had cropped “noise” out of a picture–stuff that detracted from the point of the photo, and it really does make a difference.

Another article mentioned taking a series of shots. I do that a lot already as you can see with my puppies and tell a story.

In this, yes, Tanner is smack dab in the center of the picture. But there’s so much clutter around him that it was the only way I could take the picture without him moving from that adorable pose.  So I experimented. Here are 3 cropped photos.

Life of a puppy

Life of a puppy

Tanner with more of the chair in the picture

Tanner with more of the chair in the picture

Tanner Snoozing on His Back

Tanner Snoozing on His Back with the Printer Cabinet in the Picture

By the rule of thirds, the 2nd two are better.  And though I was trying to keep the jogging board out of the picture, it really tells more of a story. You see, after he jogged, he fell into a tired heap and is sleeping off all that workout.

Or I could frame him with the desk on one side and the chair on the other, but then he’s in the center again.

Tanner framed (640x240)

Tanner centered between the printer and the chair

Which appeals more to you?

Okay, enough with playing around with photos. And back to my writing!

Have a super great Tuesday! It’s really hot here and I was thinking how really good the lake looked! 🙂


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