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Indoor Planting

I think I missed blogging yesterday. I love chives on potatoes and eggs and last year, we had such a mild winter, they lived all through the winter on my covered patio. But they had gotten so root bound, I had transplanted some to a flowerbed and kept the other in a pot and both died.

Basil on the left, looking sad, pink and green plant and chives looking great

So then I had the brilliant idea of growing some inside. My daughter had given me a plant grow light for my birthday, and I had to bring in the basil and another plant, so why not grow some chives?

I had to go to the grocery store yesterday, it’s been about 2 weeks, and guess what I found? I was going to look for chives seeds, but even better? Poor little frosty chive plants and I took two home to hopefully grow all winter. Hopefully. I’m not the best at taking care of potted plants. I over water, under water, no in between.

The basil had gotten 5″ of rain outside, so when I brought it in, it’s now in very sad shape. It might not make it. If not, that’s okay. I don’t eat it like I do chives. The pink and green plant is looking beautiful.

Little one will be here shortly. We’re decorating a gingerbread house today. I got the easy one where it’s already made and we just decorate it with icing. It might still be too difficult for me. Since she’s only 3, I figure that’s better than trying to make one in it’s entirety.

Oh, and so I went to do my nightly: print out pages I’d written to edit and I get one page printed and the printer stops. Page jamb, I figure. Nope, red crayon in the printer paper drawer.

So here’s the scenario. I pull out paper from the printer drawer for my granddaughter to draw on. Or I print pages for her to color. To her, that’s just another drawer for her to put her things in. lol

I go to edit my papers and the top page is covered in her red crayon drawing. I had to laugh. So I’m trying to read the words under the crayon markings. I had put her turkey picture in the printer drawer to recycle and use again. I always do that with my paper. So she was helping me to recycle her pictures. lol

I’m off to get ready for her to come. I put up all the rest of my lights yesterday outside and inside. I’m done. Or…done in.

I did write another 2,000 words and I’m inching closer to the finish line on Cougar Christmas Calamity.

Have a great day!!!


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