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Violent Storms, More on the Way…

dogs and bears 025 (640x427) dogs and bears 026 (640x508)dogs and bears 027 (640x499)Last night, violent storms rocked the area, under tornado warning, had hail and 16 inches of rain in 24 hours. So lots of roads under water, lots of schools and businesses closed. AND NO electricity for 45,000 homes. We were without electricity from last night through most of today. We had it for about an hour, kids came over with dogs, and we watched part of a show, then they left, and as soon as they shut the door, the electricity went out again. I called them with the news. Then they brought over board games and we played those, figuring we might have to try and eat out or order out, but the electricity came on after several more hours, and I hurried to make a quick pizza!

More storms on the way tonight, tomorrow and tomorrow night.

I took a few pictures while it was raining and we had no electricity. Had to find something I could do. Vacuum? Nope. Have tea? Nope. Sew on the machine? Nope. Write on the computer? Nope. Couldn’t even see much to do anything as dark as was even with all the blinds open.

dogs and bears 024 (640x427)We did play a dvd on my laptop as it still had a charge. 🙂 It’s amazing what you can do and can’t do without electricity. 🙂

Hope you had a great one!dogs and bears 026


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