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Back to the Teddy Bears


St. Patrick’s Day Bear

I just finished one and have to run and ship it today for a newborn, and forgot to take a picture.

I’ve been writing 3,000 words per day on Flight of the White Wolf, so for my break, I had to run into town and get groceries (the fridge was totally bare–and worse, I haven’t had potatoes for a week–that’s the Irish in me talking, and I HAVE to have my potatoes.)

I also went to Old Town Spring for a lunch with ladies, and I wasn’t going to go shopping, I wasn’t. No. Way. *sigh* But I drove all the way down there, and what the heck, I needed to walk all the way back to my car–couldn’t find the cafe, so finally just parked and used my GPS while I was walking. That meant it was a long distance from the car, and a couple of the shops begged me to come and see what they had.  I got my exercise in also.

And found darling props for my Easter bears and a bunny. I also found a book for the baby coming up. You use a flashlight to shine through the circles on the page to see what you can see. Wow, what will they think of next?

Okay, garbage is out. I need to get to work on the story, and then it’s time for running to the post office. 🙂  Oh, and I got a bunch of tulips for the backyard, though now I’m hearing you have to dig them up. Say what? But they were only a $1 for a bag of 10, so I’ll see how they do and hopefully be able to take lots of pretty pictures. I still have about 20 to plant.

And that’s it for chatting. Need to get to work writing! I’ve learned that the story absolutely, unequivocally, without doubt, will not write itself.

Make someone’s day and give them a hug, or make them suspicious. 🙂

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