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Baby Shower–Alice in Wonderland Style

tea-party-900-bunny-and-teapot-006My daughter loves Alice in Wonderland, so we’re doing that theme for the baby shower.

tea-party-900-all-of-the-table-003She’s also into foxes, so I bought a rabbit and fox for baby. The antique teacups are her grandmother’s grandmother’s. The Mad Hatter hat I’ve had for tons of years. The teapot is one that my aunt got years ago. The lace table cloth is my mother’s.  My daughter wants to use paper cups and plates and we’ll just have these for decoration. I’m cutting out the baby’s bear right now to sew up.

baby-shower-alice-in-wonderland-tea-900-001Still working on decorations. 🙂 I’m using mostly stuff I’ve had for years, added jewelry to one of the vases, added a couple of butterflies, one that’s a Christmas decoration, the lights. I have a couple of more butterflies, not sure where they are. Whimsical tassels, so just a work in progress. The bunny in the sweater is one of the ones I make. Last pink mohair bunny there is. 🙂


And working on Loving the White Bear. I’m up to ch 4 again on rereads, smoothing, taking out repetition, and such.

My daughter’s off through the weekend, then back to work, so we’re going to run errands and then have lunch out today. So I need to get cracking on the book this morning before I’m off and running. 🙂

One of the book sellers is closing their doors on Saturday, which is a shame. All Romance Ebooks (ARe). So I had to take down all their links on my website yesterday. And Google Play emailed me that I don’t have all my titles up on their site. I need to remedy that. I have all the latest books and the most popular. But I’ll have to spend a day just working on that. I have over 60 titles out and I still have edits to do on Dreaming of a White Wolf Christmas and I need to finish Loving the White Bear!

And a party  to plan for. lol 🙂 Having fun with that.

Hope you are enjoying the little things in life!

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