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Capturing Sun Rays

The ray to the right was nearly touching the camera.

The ray to the right was nearly touching the camera. Taken Near Eilean Donan Castle where a heavy mist had cloaked the whole area.

Sun Rays off the mountains in Scotland

Sun Rays off the mountains in Scotland and a meandering creek


Sun rays off a mountain

Sun rays off a mountain


sun rays over a glenn and yellow wildflowers

Sun rays over a glen and yellow wildflowers–the rays were actually purple and green!

Sun rays hitting the water at sunset

Sun rays hitting the water at sunset

Purple Sun Ray at Sunset, Scotland

Purple Sun Ray at Sunset, Scotland–looked like a bubble of color!

purple sun ray at sunset (640x427) wolf in rainbow of light

May the sun’s rays always bring you sunshine in your life.

A Silver Wolf Christmas, October 2015
Silver Town Wolf #5
by Terry Spear

Featuring: Laurel MacTire; CJ Silver
352 pages
ISBN: 1492609501
EAN: 9781492609506
Kindle: B00XWMC63W
Paperback / e-Book

Fresh Fiction Review of A Silver Wolf Christmas by Annetta Sweetko:


A SILVER WOLF CHRISTMAS is a rollercoaster romance with the perfect amount of suspense and humor. I laughed out loud when CJ had mispronounced Laurel’s last name (it is McTire but pronounced McTier) because I had actually done that myself. They are a good couple and I enjoyed watching as he brought out the playful side of the serious she-wolf. The number of mysteries and troubles that need to be solved in A SILVER WOLF CHRISTMAS just kept adding up. You have the ghost-busters crew, the “C” on the wall that paint didn’t cover, a ghost wolf, and of course the disappearance of the girls’ aunt and the past owners of the hotel. These mysteries all merge together seamlessly in this well-crafted story and it is all lightened up with the Christmas theme as they prepare for the holidays in the midst of the drama. I have read a number of books by author Terry Spear and this one is a winner that will be on my TRA shelf and I await her next offering.

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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