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While the Wolf’s Away

So following in this Thanksgiving’s tradition of my son flying into the wrong airport, my son-in-law missing his turn off on the way home, I made a reservation at the wrong Pappasitas Cantina for dinner. There are two on I45, both near us, but we always go to the north one. At least mine was easily rectified and it worked out even better. Canceled at the one place for 5:30, and could only get the 6 p.m. time, but it gave us all time to get there and we drove in one car. So that worked. We’ve never done the online reservation and what a savings that was. Especially with a baby and preschooler. Some others who were waiting said, “I guess they made reservations.”

Yes! We were finally the ones with reservations. lol Anyway, my son was telling me about a restaurant in Venice that they went in to eat at that you have to make reservations 3 months in advance. They were on their honeymoon, luckily the year before COVID and of course they didn’t know it. Just as they were about to leave, a manager said, “Wait! Someone just canceled. You can have the table.” They really lucked out. Another couple that was there said to them, “You must have made reservations 3 months ago.” The other couple had! They were Americans too and knew about the waiting time.

Okay, well, I’m going to get back to proofing a book.

This one comes out in April! Don’t you LOVE the cover?

Have a super fun day! We’re going to see a Marvel movie today.


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