Have You Ever Had to Get Ready for Christmas in September?

If you’ve ever done crafts for arts and craft shows, or created gifts for friends and family, then Christmas has to come early! Or if you write books, like right now, I’m writing A Highland Wolf Christmas, and it’s 103 degrees out!!! And at 7 pm last night, it was 102 still. Then, I have a Christmas release coming early–Sept 24, so another reason to think Christmas… Early. I used to write Christmas short stories for magazines also, and the same thing. I’m writing them 6-9 months ahead of time and it doesn’t feel like Christmas at all.

And last year, I visited my son and daughter-in-law for Thanksgiving and got their presents early because my son had to deploy on a mission with the military, but then they canceled it and so they had Christmas early! So all kinds of reasons to have to move up the date a bit!

Here is one of my Christmas Santas I create. Notice no snow in the background? Well, if I waited for snow… you’d never see a picture of him!

Christmas Bears

Santa Bear

I always shake my head when I shop in the stores and start to see the fall fashions–when it is 103 degrees out! I understand somewhere in the world it’s getting to be fall, but not HERE. Which is why I wrote that about Deidre in Bound by Danger when she was buying a swimsuit on sale, and already the fall season was upon them, but she was swimming in the heat at the pool, because the fall season wasn’t about to come anytime soon.

A SEAL Wolf Christmas

A Christmas paranormal romance with the hot combination of a sexy Navy SEAL hero with werewolves, from USA Today bestselling author Terry Spear.

At this time of year, I’m always hoping we’ll get rain to cool off the horribly hot days–while I’m writing about snow and the chilling cold. But the good part about A SEAL Wolf Christmas releasing early is that you can read about all that delightful snow way before you get any!

So do you ignore that the holidays are coming? Excited? Indifferent?

Bjornolf and Anna are not into Christmas… but you can just see what happens when they have to play husband and wife and decorate for the holidays. 🙂


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