Christmas Coming Early!!

Christmas Came Early

Christmas Releases coming Sep 24!

Okay, it’s September 1, and that means 24 days until Christmas, EARLY. 🙂

One other cover, but the author hasn’t sent it yet, so until then, here are the three of us who have books coming out on September 24!!!

Are you ready???


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

10 thoughts on “Christmas Coming Early!!

  1. YES!! Now I know, what my daughter is getting for her Sept. 24th Birthday present a early Christmas present. Which one, which one!! Maybe all three.

  2. I love Christmas themed books. They are always a little more fun and it gets me in the Xmas mood. Can’t wait, love all the covers.

  3. Me too, Stephanie! I love reading them anytime of year, but around Sept before the real push goes for shopping, and when it’s still so hot and I can pretend I’m in the snowy scenes of the stories, I love them!

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