It’s Tuesday–Only 3 More Tuesdays to Go!

Before it’s Christmas!!! Early! With Bjornolf and Anna and Hunter and the gang! Even Leidolf makes an appearance and some of his wolf pack! Everything’s turning up mistletoe, and a few dead bodies. But hey, a SEAL and an undercover operative wouldn’t feel at home if they weren’t solving a mystery!

christmas wolf tree1 (800x665)

Only 3 more Tuesdays to go, and he can be all yours!!

Okay, so my question is–do you like to shop for Christmas?

I usually avoid the crowds and pick up things when I’m in different places that hopefully will mean something to the ones I gift them to. But last year, I went with a coworker friend to Salado and shopped while everything was decorated in Christmas fashion and I had a really good time. So often, I shop online. Much easier to ship!

What about you?

I have to tell you that Anna does not like to shop. At Christmas or any other time. And you know what that means, don’t you?



“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

4 thoughts on “It’s Tuesday–Only 3 More Tuesdays to Go!

  1. I hate shopping for Christmas. The noise, crowds and lack of product. Ugh. I’m not really a shopping girl though either, unless its for books lol. I do most of my shopping online and send my list with my sister and mother on Black Friday.(they love shopping that day, ugh again)

  2. Stephanie, you will love Anna! And I agree. The wonder of the internet is a true gift for the shopping challenged!!! Only a few times had I gone Christmas shopping the day after to pick up bargains. What a madhouse, and not worth the few dollars saved. I’ve never done Black Friday and won’t ever. 🙁

  3. I use to love to shop but I’ve been bed ridden for over two years now so mall shopping is no more. On to the internet, but I still like to go look at the decorations.

  4. Ah, Lori, I’m so sorry to hear it. Yes, the decorations are really worth the trip. That’s why I went to Salado this past Christmas, to see all the beautiful decorations. Really enjoyed it. Probably will do the same this year and share more pictures. Hadn’t gone in a long time since my mother had died as it was our special place to go together just to shop during the holidays.

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