Vampires on the Rise

Even vampire bears! All my stories have humor in them, vampire romantic suspense included. So why not a vampire with a fancy coffin, just for Halloween?

Not that my vampires ever sleep in coffins, mind you. They are not the undead. I leave that to zombies, which are not in my stories. They have heartbeats, eat and drink (a little blood too), and have hot bodies. I just couldn’t imagine a non-vampire getting hot for a cold dead thing, so my vampires are living, breathing humans that were changed by the Black Plague, just as some humans were who became hunters of the vampires. They have the same strength, but not the bloodlust.

In any event, the playing field is well-matched that way.

Speaking of bloodsuckers, one was trying to bite me the other night. A bloodthirsty female mosquito. I was trying to write on Guthrie’s story, and she landed on my wrist to take a sip. My vampire hunting genes took hold, and I tried to kill her. I think I missed. But she didn’t come back for another slurp. *sigh*

I guess my hunter skills are a little rusty. Need to work on that.

vampire bear with coffin moon copy (800x733)

Than I was outside watering and ran into him! Never seen one here before. Just the little tiny lizards that run all over my house. Inside and out. This is a Texas spiny lizard. Okay, so I have lizards on the brain. Right? I’ve had them crawl up my pants leg when I’ve been writing, scurry across my feet, just all kinds of things.
huge lizard 004 (551x800)

So I’ve settled down to write after I finish watering and I’m working away, it’s getting late and something crawls up my leg. Natural reaction: brush it off and then look to see what it was. Cricket maybe? Been finding a bunch of them in the house–dead. Good.

But I’m thinking one of the little lizards. It’s getting really late and need to go to bed. So shut things down and start walking to the bedroom and feel something rough between the sole of my foot and my flipflop. I kick it off and off runs a scorpion. Now deceased.scorpion 003 (800x780)

I can’t believe he crawled up my leg, I brushed him off AND he somehow got between my foot and my flipflop as I was walking and I DIDN’T get stung. When I lived in Oklahoma, I was stung a number of times. HATE those things.

They are way scarier than vampires.

Okay, I am EVERYWHERE today with giveaways:


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  1. LOL, Pam, I’ve read a couple of books that had zombies in them, one, a zombie romance. I was like, argh, how can you think it’s sexy to be nibbling on the hero’s ear and part of it comes off???

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