Colorful Koi on a Perfect Fall Day…

Everything came together for me when I took these pictures, the soft lighting on an autumn day, the fall leaves coloring the bottom of the koi pool, the movement of the fish and the water, the reflection of the trees up above. When I uploaded them, I found some looked like paintings, surreal, fantasy, fun.

I love when that happens, like when I’m writing and a story finally begins to take shape when I’m moaning and groaning about how I can’t figure out where to go next with my story–remind me when I start the next book and have the same concerns–and then…it’s like the picture all comes together. Or at least a part of it. A scene or two. A chapter. The End.
fish looks like a painting (800x533)

I tend to get a lot of backsides of animals when I visit the Cameron Park Zoo or others, but I still loved the detail and color of the fish in this shot.

koi colorful (800x533)

This wasn’t the best picture, but I loved the character of it–the way the fish all came up to look at me, wondering if I had food for them.
koi looking at camera (800x533)

I’ve tried since to capture the beauty of the koi and the green trees reflected in the waters, but I’ve never had the ideal conditions that I did that one day.

But then again, I finally caught the howler monkeys in perfect form the last time I was there, when I’d never managed before. So when one subject doesn’t want to cooperate, find another. Sometimes I have to do that with my writing too.

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy IS reality.”

2 thoughts on “Colorful Koi on a Perfect Fall Day…

  1. Great pictures! Seems like a lot of people show me their backsides when they see me coming with a camera (LOL) but I haven’t yet tried the zoo animals. I will have to visit the monkeys and see how they respond.

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