Super Moon in June

Super moon from the airplane over TexasSuper Moon over Texas Airliner

I was coming back from Colorado Springs where I attended a readers’ conference as a featured author, and one of my fans told me I had to make sure I saw the Super Moon!  Only I was flying in really late that night, in airports, had been stormy a lot–so really had my doubts…and if I was on the wrong side of the airplane, if the moon was even visible, I wouldn’t see it.

But all the stars and planets were lined up just perfectly. And there as big as day, the moon and I were suspended in the night sky together. I’m certain the lady next to me thought I was nuts as I was taking pictures. Or maybe… she wished she was sitting where I was… with a beautiful view of the super moon.

Fourteen months and it will be here again–next year in August. I have a different readers’ conference to attend. I wonder where I’ll be when the next one is visible? 🙂 I remember seeing a moon like this some years ago, and running home to get my camera, but the huge, huge moon had shrunk in size by the time I was ready to take a shot.

Did you see the last super moon?

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