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Anora, the shepherdess, finds a half-naked man in her bed, so what’s a woman living alone in a cottage in the Lowlands of Scotland supposed to do? Prod him with her pitchfork to chase him off! Only the man is not just a traveler seeking her bed for a rest—but a wounded Highlander, who fights back, swinging his sword!

Niall MacNeill is searching for a Frenchwoman of nobility to escort to his cousin’s castle for safekeeping, when he and his friend, Gunnolf, are attacked by another Highland clan, seeking the same woman. The other Highlanders wish to sell her to the highest bidder—English or French—it does not matter.

Niall takes refuge in a sheepherder’s cottage to heal up from his wounds and discovers the shepherdess taking care of him may very well be the woman he seeks. He has no intention of doing anything but what his cousin requests of him—ensure her safety on their way to Craigly Castle—but when the lass so bravely wields her pitchfork at him, he is thinking of other, more interesting possibilities.

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I’ve signed with a narrator to work on the audiobook version. That should be done in about February.

I have to turn in edits on Jaguar Hunt and the synopsis on Monday, and then it’s back to Guthrie’s story. So many stories, so little time. 🙂 I feel like I’m juggling characters.

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  1. Yesterday when I searched B&N for another of your books to read, I only found the first three wolf stories in a bundle. That was fine, it will last me a while, but I was sure there was a huge selection there earlier. I looked on amazon and found lots. What’s up with B&N? Was I still asleep when I searched or am I about to have to get a kindle to catch up? I just recently discovered your books and haven’t read many yet.

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