Invasion of the Snakes…

Snake returns (800x166)

I took the picture of the top snake after I let the one below (the same one shown in all three pictures below) of this snake out the door. In other words, he had come into my house.

snake in house 001 (800x468)

snake in house 002 (800x644) (2)snake in house 003 (732x800)

My question is–is the first snake the second snake? Or… is it a different snake?

If it’s a different snake, that’s not good. Unfortunately, I’m sure it’s a different one. The one on top was bigger and when she coiled up and hissed and bit at me, she was thicker bodied. The  other was thinner and really long also, but not quite so long. With the bottom pictures, this snake was moving its head so much it was blurring, but on the left side below its head, it had orange markings, which I was trying to get a picture of. The other snake did not. I let the smaller snake out. But then about fifteen minutes later, there’s a snake laying next to the door, bigger, and when I tried to open the door to let it out, it got nasty.

I couldn’t believe I would have two snakes in the house like this. Once in a lifetime is enough. But I’m afraid there were two, and the other??? Just waiting to come in again.

Do mothballs really work to repel snakes???


Who needed to write a synopsis and had snakes on the brain instead.


8 thoughts on “Invasion of the Snakes…

  1. Omgoodness! I don’t mind snakes at all, (much better than big hairy spiders) but I’m with you. I wouldn’t like it at all if they came into my house. And then to find TWO! Yikes!!!
    I am glad you released them instead of killing them.

    Look on the bright side though, Terry. I BET you do NOT HAVE any mice in your house 🙂

  2. LOL, Renee, yes, no mice!!!! One year when my folks lived here, probably early on, they caught 15 mice in the house. I guess since then, the snakes moved in. I’ve lived here now for 5 years now, no mice.

  3. You are a lot braver than I would be!! I would probably just give them the house! I can’t stand snakes. Little mice I can handle, it’s the big rats I can’t stand!!

    • Martha, I keep thinking they’re in the house again. I hate feeling like this. The one went into a tiny hole between the cement walk and the foundation. I mean, it was so small, I can’t even really see it. Even I hadn’t seen him do it, I would never have thought it possible. But it’s really creeped me out. I forgot tonight and was wandering around in the semi-dark and then I was like yikes, can’t do this any longer. 🙁

  4. OMG, you guys are all creeping me out. Even the tiniest mouse in my house would be unacceptable – and rare, we just don’t get those kind of things in the house. (I don’t even see them outside.) My answer to you Terry is this: cut off it’s head. Only then would you know for sure if there were two snakes. And if it was just the first one coming back, well, then that is a story onto itself.

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