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Visit to Spring, Texas Arboretum, More Blog Tour Stops, and Video Book Trailers!

Aren’t they pretty? I didn’t think the flowers would be in bloom much. Some weren’t, but many were.   
Plus, the bees were out and my daughter’s deathly afraid of them, having been stung ten times by them when we were on a Girl Scout trip to a zoo once and it made her ill.    
To my surprise, we also saw two snakes, though they had signs all over, warning about them.
And a cardinal also.
Off to a book signing and shopping today. But I wanted to share the links of the places I’m at for the blog tour also!
Okay, off to get ready!!!


Life For the Silver Pack Just Got Wilder…
Elizabeth Wildwood has been a longer all her life, ostracized because of her “mixed” half-wolf, half-coyote blood. When she ventures into gray wolf territory on a dangerous quest of her own and his thrown together with the sexiest shifter she’s ever met she begins to wish for the first time that she could be part of a family.
When this unusual shifter female comes into his pack’s territory, it’s Tom Silver’s job to protect her—if only she would let him.
Praise for Silence of the Wolf:
“The outstanding and gripping plot of Spear’s latest installment in the Heart of the Wolf series will appeal to paranormal fans, and romance junkies will take delight in the red-hot love story embedded within.” —RT Book Reviews, 4 Stars

Hawk Fae already out.

Jaguar Hunt coming in June.

A Hero of a Highland Wolf coming in August.
Happy hump day!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male!”

Invasion of the Snakes…

Snake returns (800x166)

I took the picture of the top snake after I let the one below (the same one shown in all three pictures below) of this snake out the door. In other words, he had come into my house.

snake in house 001 (800x468)

snake in house 002 (800x644) (2)snake in house 003 (732x800)

My question is–is the first snake the second snake? Or… is it a different snake?

If it’s a different snake, that’s not good. Unfortunately, I’m sure it’s a different one. The one on top was bigger and when she coiled up and hissed and bit at me, she was thicker bodied. The  other was thinner and really long also, but not quite so long. With the bottom pictures, this snake was moving its head so much it was blurring, but on the left side below its head, it had orange markings, which I was trying to get a picture of. The other snake did not. I let the smaller snake out. But then about fifteen minutes later, there’s a snake laying next to the door, bigger, and when I tried to open the door to let it out, it got nasty.

I couldn’t believe I would have two snakes in the house like this. Once in a lifetime is enough. But I’m afraid there were two, and the other??? Just waiting to come in again.

Do mothballs really work to repel snakes???


Who needed to write a synopsis and had snakes on the brain instead.