Being Crafty at Christmastime



I’ve made bears for years and years and years, and have 3 orders to get out, along with finishing the two books I’m editing and I have an audiobook to approve. But in the meantime, I also had to put up my tree and decorate for Christmas.

Here are some of my very early works. I used to make a ton of dolls. And sold them. So here are some of the remaining Christmas elves that help me to decorate the tree every year. 🙂

See, that wasn’t hard, and now it’s done!

And I’m back to edits! Did the ice storm get to your neck of the woods?


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4 thoughts on “Being Crafty at Christmastime

  1. Merry Christmas Terry!!!!! The tree is beautiful. I hope you saw my review on your Highlander book. I loved it.It is in Goodreads. I am still catching up on my reading. Its slow going and the pile is high lol

  2. Merry Christmas, Pam!! Thanks so much!! I can’t wait to really get going on Gunnolf’s story!!! Still working on edits on the other two books, but will soon turn those in. 🙂 Reading is such a joy!

  3. Your tree is beautiful. I can see snow on the trees outside your window. It is icy and now snowing hard here in Cincinnati, Oh. Merry Christmas. I have been reading Feehan books since I am current with your books. I do want to try the “Ya” books soon. This will be a reading weekend.

    • Beth, that’s so neat that it’s snowing there, making it feel just like Christmas! I’m thrilled you’re up-to-date on my books! I need to work on Hawk Fae some more. Had to stop to revise the 2 wolf books first. Then I need to write Jaguar Pride. Not enough hours in a day. 🙂 Enjoy Feehan’s books!!

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